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Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award Winner

Dr Joan Deetman BSc BVMS GDEd - Principal

Joan is a senior, experienced small animal & equine veterinarian. Silverson Vet Clinic is a mixed practice based in Serpentine, Perth Western Australia. Currently Joan also consults for various mixed animal practices in Perth.


Equine Services

Dr Joan Deetman is a Perth horse vet with over 30 years experience in the equine industry being one of WA's few Official FEI Veterinarians.

Joan has a solid background in Sport Horse Medicine especially Endurance, Emergency Medicine and Stud Management.

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Small Animal Services


Dr Joan Deetman has 25 years of small animal veterinary experience - birds,bunnies, cats, koalas, dogs or kangaroos - there is always something new to learn. That's what makes veterinary life so interesting!!!

Small Animal Emergency Medicine & Diagnostic Imagingis an area in which Joan has developed a special interest - Continuing Veterinary Education is embraced to follow these interests.

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WA Veterinary Emergency Response Incorporated


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Dr Joan Deetman is founder and Chairperson of WAVER - a Not For Profit charity composed of volunteer veterinary personnel willing to provide frontline emergency response to emergencies and disasters in WA.

Dr Deetman is certified in Large Animal Rescue

(AR3 Masterclass)

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Mobile Vet Service

Our Mobile Vet house call service is provided by Silverson Vet Clinic offering a convenient, professional service to residents from Kalamunda - Serpentine - Pinjarra. Backed up by our quality clinic and farm facilities, we can treat all your pets in one visit!

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Locum Vet - Mixed Practice

Need a locum? Dr Deetman is available to vet practices in Perth for locum veterinary services. Emergency, small animal, equine and mixed practices are all welcome to contact Joan and discuss your needs.

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Silverson Agistment Centre

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Agistment is available on our Serpentine property for all horses - sport horse & racehorse spelling, young stock, colts & stallions, mares and foals. Strictly supervised with incoming quarantine, twice daily checks and feeding, we ensure all our horses are kept safe, healthy and content.

We have highly experienced, skilled staff all with solid backgrounds in the veterinary and equine industry. Coupled with modern equipment and facilities our services range from strict foaling down supervision to sport horse rehabilitation.

So we can provide you with our best service - please phone ahead to book your agistment centre inspection.More info ...

0407 774 595

2715 Southwest Highway Serpentine WA 6125



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