Vet Care for Pet Owners


Would you like to learn how to monitor your pets health a little closer?

Members of our Pet Owners Club learn how to perform a clinical exam on their pets using your own vet equipment.

Learn in the comfort of your own home. Our learning package contains Learning Material, record sheets, stethoscope & thermometer to teach you how to perform a physical examination on your pet. The package will be posted to you in a quality folder, which can be used to store all your pets records and paperwork.

Your Learning Material will teach you to:

  • Perform a physical exam on your pet - learn to examine your pet in a methodical manner to identify the expected normal clinical parameters.
  • Use your stethoscope and thermometer to measure & record heart rates, respiratory rates, temperature.
  • Learn about normal & abnormal heart and chest sounds.
  • Learn about basic changes in the physical exam that may alert you to an abnormal clinical state in your pet.

Knowing how to measure normal clinical parameters on your pet will help you recognise, and measure, abnormal clinical signs.

  • With these skills you will be well informed to report any changes in your pets condition & report to your vet if necessary.
  • Pets' who have existing medical conditions will benefit from your increased knowledge of their physical condition.

Bonus: FREE E-Books available to Pet Owners Club Members for a wide variety of medical conditions.

  • Members can download any of our FREE E-Books which we will email to you, or post for a small fee.
  • Diabetes, Renal Disease, Arthritis, Skin Conditions - just some of the many topics we provide to help you increase your knowledge

With their new knowledge, Pet Owners Club members will feel confident they can monitor their pets health status even whilst travelling. Being aware of potential changes in their pets health can be extremely valuable during travel & alert owners to the possibility of the need for a visit to a vet.

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FAQ: Who Can Join? Everybody! Anybody! Anywhere!

How Much Does it Cost & What's Included?

What Animals Do You Study?

  • $88:00 including postage in Australia
  • Learning Material ( 2 topics) Stethoscope & Thermometer
  • Topics cover Dogs, Cats & Horses
  • Material available for other pets - please contact us!





My Horse is Lame - what do I do?

My horse has colic - what do I do?

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Farming Community : Cat Sterilisation Day

Farm cat

To assist the community in decreasing the amount of unwanted kittens in our community, especially on farms - we regularly run Cat Sterilisation Days with discounts on sterilisation, vaccinations and microchips.

Female cat: spey, vaccinate F3 & microchip

Package price:$165:00 SAVE 60 %

Male cat: castrate, vaccinate F3 & microchip

Package price: $120:00 SAVE 60%

Book Now ONLINE - Offer available to all cats!!!

2016 flyer cat promo
Joan Deetman 2013