Small Animal Clinic

Dr Joan Deetman is happy to consult on all small animals for medicine, soft tissue surgery and all routine procedures.

Emergency Medicine is a special interest area.

Clients will receive advice in many areas of pet health care:

  • Routine surgeries- the importance of sterilisation for all female and male, non-breeding animals.
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are advised for various reasons - just like in human medicine.More information onPre-anaesthetic testing before SURGERY.
  • Microchipping, dental cleaning and vaccinations.
  • Our modern Digital X-ray System produces high quality diagnostic pictures instantly. Images can be placed on a CD or thumbdrive for clients to take home. We may also email images to specialists if referrals or further diagnostics are required.
  • High quality Ultrasound isused for numerous diagnostic applications- pregancy diagnosis, chest and abdominal scans can be routinely performed.
  • Rabbits and ferrets are often seen with dental problems being a common concern for rabbits.
  • Birds and Wildlife are often brought in to clinics for treatment after which they will be returned to the wild or placed with wildlife carers.
  • Pet euthenasia information CLICK HERE


EBooks: Did you forget what the vet said?

There is often a lot of information to take in during a consultation. No need to worry though - we have a variety of Ebooks available FREE to our clients, that contain information on various pet conditions. These will be emailed to you, along with a summary of your pets condition, at the end of your consultation. So you can read all about your pets condition later, in the comfort of your own home!

Click here for an example:Home Care After Hospital

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