Small Animal Clinic


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Holiday Vaccination Specials

Dog C5 $ 85.00

-necessary for kennels

Cat F3 $ 77.00


Dr Joan Deetman is happy to consult on all small animals for medicine, soft tissue surgery and all routine procedures.

Emergency Medicine is a special interest area.

Clients will receive advice in many areas of pet health care:

  • Routine surgeries- the importance of sterilisation for all female and male, non-breeding animals.
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are advised for various reasons - just like in human medicine.More information onPre-anaesthetic testing before SURGERY.
  • Microchipping, dental cleaning and vaccinations.
  • Our modern Digital X-ray System produces high quality diagnostic pictures instantly. Images can be placed on a CD or thumbdrive for clients to take home. We may also email images to specialists if referrals or further diagnostics are required.
  • High quality Ultrasound isused for numerous diagnostic applications- pregancy diagnosis, chest and abdominal scans can be routinely performed.
  • Rabbits and ferrets are often seen with dental problems being a common concern for rabbits.
  • Birds and Wildlife are often brought in to clinics for treatment after which they will be returned to the wild or placed with wildlife carers.

At Silverson Vet - we know your pets are family.

We will provide them with experienced, professional medical care at sensible prices.

Silverson Vet Clinic

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