Flea Products

The main products we recommend are:

  • Frontline - "spoton" monthly flea control.
  • Advocate - "spoton" monthly flea/heartworm/mites & 3 stomach worms. Add Tapewormer tablet every 3 mo. Recommended for FARM DOGS due to the control over Sarcoptes mite which foxes carry.

FRONTLINE PLUS provides your dog with complete protection against fleas & ticks. The key to good flea control is monthly use of products that achieve good environmental control.

  • Breaks the flea life cycle at every stage – it kills all 4 stages including adult fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and pupae, stopping flea breeding.
  • ControlsBrown Dog tickswhen applied monthly.
  • ControlsParalysis tickswhen applied fortnightly. (Note: Paralysis ticks not in WA)
  • In the control of pruritis (itchy animal) - we believe products that are placed onto the skin (as opposed to oral tablets/chews) are superior due to the product being available to the flea from contact with the hair - the product is placed on the skin and absorbed into oil glands at the base of the hair follicle, then passes out onto the hair. Therefore the flea does not have to bite the animal to get the product from the blood. (i.e. biting the animal injects the flea saliva into the animals blood. Flea saliva is what the animal is allergic to and causes the itching).


Frontline Cat

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Frontline Small dog - up to 10 kg

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30364 1 n frontline-plus-blue-for-medium-dog

Frontline Medium dog 10-20 kg

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Frontline Large dog 20-40 kg

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Frontline Extra Large dog 40 − 60 kg

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Advocate Flea, Heartworm And Worm Treatment for Dogs Advocate - easy-to-use spot-on, it is applied monthly. The super ingredients in Advocate provide fast relief from fleas, prevent deadly heartworm and protect both your dog and your family from most gastrointestinal worms. Advocate stops fleas feeding within 3 to 5 minutes, killing adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes – breaking the flea lifecycle. With monthly use it also protects your dog from the danger of heartworm infections. Tapewormer tablets need to be used every 3 months.



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